Get Engaging Photography For Your Business

Fun business photoshoot in modern office space.

Rick D’Elia offers cover-quality photography for businesses who insist on having a credible, personable, and professional image. From his home base in Fountain Hills, Arizona he is available for business photoshoot sessions all over the Phoenix valley, and for multi-day projects he travels all over the world.

A single picture really can move mountains. The right story depicted in the right way can inspire us to act like no amount of text ever could. In the blink of an eye we are donating to worthy causes, changing a longstanding opinion, or salivating over food we’ve never even tasted. All that from a picture!

New for 2019, The Small Business Half Day Package

The easy & hassle-free business photoshoot at your location, to tell the stories that will uplevel your business.

$1,000 for a half day professional photo shoot, includes your 10 favorite images with retouching
(and more shots available at a great price).

Rick will guide you for a smooth photoshoot experience and deliver beautiful images of what you do and why you do it so well. All for less than the price of good stock photography!

Fun CEO Portrait by Phoenix Photographer

This offer is for companies with less than 50 employees. Larger businesses, please contact for special pricing on our next tier of service.

Business Photoshoot Request

    Specific Shots For Your Business

    The Power of Photography for Your Business

    You aren’t stuck using the same well-worn photos over and over again, are you? Or what about stock photography that your competitors also can buy, or worse – is started to look a bit dated? Your company deserves its own library (small or large) of completely custom and impactful images.

    In a business photoshoot the creativity gets flowing and the shot list is tailored to exactly the message your business needs to be sending. We can show potential new hires the character of your workspace and company culture. We can beautifully capture the process of creating your goods or delivering your services to highlight the exact qualities your customers have come to expect and value you for.

    One great image does so much talking and catches the eye like nothing else can. In one short session you can have a business asset that keeps working in any medium you use it in!

    Sample Shot List for a Business Photo Shoot

    Think of all your company materials (advertising, brochures, website, training, etc) and ask yourself how much more effective they could be if you had compelling custom images to feature. When you look at these pieces, do they reflect the business goals you’ve set? Or do they fall a bit short?

    Here are some coporate-image-changing shots we might take during a business photoshoot:

    • Your top people showing delight at what the company does
    • Your employees enjoying their workplace
    • Your products and services, very attractively photographed
    • A service provider at work (for service based businesses)
    • The impressiveness of your facilities
    • Your company giving back to the community