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If you’d like highly personable images that draw people to you instantly, then immersive business portraits are for you. There are fun ideas for every industry, creating a polished yet friendly image for your company founder, executives, and team. If you don’t yet promote your best people to the world, or you are trying to coast on 10 year old pictures, now is the time to fix that!

Professional results speak for themselves. One amazing moment captured!

What is an Immersive Business Portrait?

We’ve all seen the “executive day at the Sears photo studio” style of portrait. It has its place, but on its own those pictures carry very little information about you. The subject may be in a business suit or a lab coat, but otherwise these pictures turn out as one smiling stranger after another.

An immersive portrait on the other hand shows you in your element and at your best. There’s a whole new level of detail – your equipment perhaps, the tools of your trade, you with the product that your company produces, and so on. Instead of taking you to the photo studio, the photo studio comes to you and the setting becomes your actual location.

It’s an immersion into your professional world, and just from a glance people will feel like they know you – like they know more about you personally, just from one image. You also get to curate this experience, presenting just the right details and getting thousands of meaningful “marketing touches” out a single photo shoot day.

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Show Your Expertise Without A Single Word

What better way is there to show customers, prospective employees, and your community what you’re all about in half a second? A great image will inspire confidence in your leadership, draw motivated new people towards you, and position you as a leader in your industry.

Anyone can have a regular old portraits done, that depict little more than a suit and a smile. Why not get creative and show off what makes you special? You can use your business portraits as an opportunity to add huge flavor and appeal to what is traditionally a very straightforward (and unfortunately, skippable) part of your marketing message.

You matter and your team matters. Make those first impressions memorable. It counts!

Business Portraits for All Sectors

Whether you have a very serious and mature industry or something new and uncharted, there is an engaging shot of you waiting to be taken. Great portraits don’t have to be “whimsical” to be deeply engaging. But they should be human, and show a slice of your operation that makes people excited to get to know you better.

This is what is truly missing from the head-and-neck, suit-and-tie standard photo. We are bombarded with images and marketing every day, and our brains get very selective in rejecting them. Cut through the visual clutter and show people what they are programmed to desire most: the human face and form, doing something interesting.

Professionally Shot & Retouched Portraits

Rick D’Elia comes to your location for half day or full day photo sessions. Your business objectives will set the shot list, but sample business portrait shots may include:

  • Founder/Owner portrait
  • C-Suite and Management Portraits (or Group Shots)
  • Onsite Team of Employees (Portrait or Group)
  • Employees at Work

The shoot should be fun and relaxed (thanks to a bit of smart preparation in advance), while we explore different creative options and hone in on what’s most important in your business. You’ll have a generous selection of professionally retouched business portraits to choose from, which you’ll be only too excited to promote.

Position your company for greatness and show off what makes you the best at what you do! This investment will pay for itself many times over in good business, good press, and attracting good talent.

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