I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Rick D’Elia. I hired Rick when I was with USAID and Catholic Relief Services to capture our programs in Haiti, Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan. At the time, South Sudan was an active civil war zone and a particularly difficult place to work. Rick’s ability to problem solve, find solutions to logistical problems and, ultimately, take very high-quality photos was unique. No matter how unpredictable a setting, Rick always made sure he walked away with remarkable photos that told a story that fit my needs and the needs of my agency. It always seemed to come naturally to him. And more than 10 years later, I still use many of his photos in my work worldwide. As a talented photojournalist and collaborative professional, Rick earns my highest recommendation.

Rick D’Elia is one of the most thorough, thoughtful photographers I have worked with in nearly 30 years of publishing. He takes his time, he gets it right and he tells a story with each and every photograph.

I value Rick’s photographic expertise and his knowledge of global humanitarian issues.  He brings a deep understanding of development work to any assignment and a passion for getting the photo right. I can rely on him for any assignment.

Rick is very easy going and pays attention to detail so that you will have the results you need in your quest to capture the perfect image for your business. I have worked with Rick many times. And would recommend him to everyone!

Rick D’Elia is not only a professional’s professional, he is an artist, and he lives his art, and he lives his passions for social change. He has traveled abroad extensively to chronicle people of different cultures. And he is a kind and compassionate individual who likes people and whom people warm up to quickly — an invaluable quality in a photographer, who must be able to get people to trust him and to relax before his camera. I’ve known him for many years and have been privileged to see, enjoy and respect his work.

Rick is a true professional when it comes to capturing stories through images. He doesn’t just “snap” photos. He goes out there and gets photographs that are both telling and beautiful. He’s also personable and easy to work with. I highly recommend him to anyone.

I’ve worked with Rick on several projects, and every time, he is fully prepared, hard-working, conscientious and takes amazing photos. In fact, he always goes above and beyond, giving me more than enough options to use in my projects. And his ability to shoot in any environment, or any subject, is a great asset.

Rick has played a critical role in our branding and marketing at Local First Arizona. Good design ensures that our nonprofit is taken seriously, and Rick’s beautiful images very effectively showcase the work we do. He is professional to work with and goes above and beyond to make great photographs.

Our team enjoys working with Rick. He’s gifted, sensitive and creative in capturing our clients’ stories. He’s also competitively priced. You can trust he’ll arrive on time and deliver results on or before deadline. We recommend him highly!

I have worked with Rick for more than a decade, which is a true testament to how I feel about his work. He is a consummate professional, he’s collaborative and extremely creative. And with his photojournalism background, I can always expect him to think like an editor, which has always made my job so much easier. I would give Rick my highest recommendation.